Pathfinder: A New Hope

Part 4: Once more unto the breach...

The time had come to set off to the Leadbelly mines, and the party was prepared after two days spent in Wartle. Stocked well, Pattson and Ruppert ferried the heroes south through the swamp towards the location Ygritte Leadbelly marked on maps of the area.

Upon reaching the site, Valgoth and Fydon took to the task of scouting the entrance. Their caution was justified, and Fydon quickly did away with deadfall traps guarding the tunnel leading below. With some magic, Dorian was able to manipulate a counter-lever that disabled the traps for good, which put the party at ease.

They descended through the narrow, sloping tunnel and were immediately set upon by the most curiously foul creatures. Spriggan gnomes, that had been “infected” with an odd malady with caused them to grow vile, poisonous growths of plantlife from their very skin. The warriors rushed in, and even as the evil fey began to grow to giant sized beasts, they were cut down in timely fashion. The magical sword Valgoth had reforged proved its worth.


Venturing deeper still, a more curious cave revealed strange growths and amazingly large beetles normally found in the deep. It was here that the party knew the evil within these warrens was calculating and plotting their deaths. A illusion masked a trap to lure the party to accepting one of the blighted fey into their group, disguised as Turra Natal. The group saw through this and dealt with the beast easily.

The final cavern they entered was massive, and what seemed to be the lair of the fey. Neither side held back, and within moments, spells were hurled and blades lashed out. Fydon peppered the fey with arrows while Cyrus and Valgoth moved in to engage their enemies. The spriggans here were all but taken out of the fight under the combined magic of Dorian and Enril, and even the great cat Diego tore through his adversaries, taking out the rust monster they fey had released to defeat the parties mighty warriors.

The battle was all but won, when an eerie song began to echo throughout the cavern. Its haunting melody began to muddle the thoughts of the heroes, with Dorian, Fydon and even Cyrus falling under its magical lure. It was then the horrid visage of a satyr that was blighted by some evil corruption entered the fray. The monster quickly commanded those under its spell to turn on their allies, and so they did. The battle was out of control and about to turn against the party when Cyrus heard the plea of Enril to spare his companion Diego from his blade; and this cry gave Cyrus the strength of will to break the spell. Cyrus instead swung his sword at the satyr, gravely wounding it. And this opening allowed Valgoth too, to land a vicious blow that sent the fey into retreat.


The creature dove back into the filth from which it came shouting one last threat “we shall never return to our prison!” and was gone…

Turra was indeed here, held within a cocoon of fungal growths, as was his boar companion. The day was won, Turra was rescued. But what now….


BourbonFett BourbonFett

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