Turra Natal

Druid of the Mushfens


Turra Natal is an elderly human; tall and lanky his simplest movements seem exaggerated, his exceedingly long beard lending to this. His grab is that of a homemade style, and very earthy. hand sewn and tanned leathers and hides; his beard almost as part of his clothing as it is his body.


Turra, long ago dubbed the Druid of the Mushfens, is an elderly human standing just over six and a half feet tall, with a beard that seems just as long. To someone that doesn’t know him, they could easily confuse him for a hermit that ekes a meager existence from scavenging the swamplands.
Turra is seldom encountered without his animal companion, Beyon, an atypical warthog from the Mushfens. Together they tend to the lands, keep unnatural hazards at bay, and curate the majestic natural order of the swamps.
Almost all natives to the lands surrounding the Mushfens have heard his name, and the stories of the benign wanderer of the wilds. Turra is most beloved in Wartle, as a sage for those venturing into the wilds, a councilor for those seeking to cultivate the land or harvest its bounties, and as a friend to all who offer respect to the teachings of the Green Way. Perhaps what Turra is most beloved for, is his annual visits to Wartle and other surrounding hamlets on the spring equinox, where he brings trinkets for the children, and offers aid to those that live off of the land.

Turra Natal

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