Mol Marden

Purveyor of Rare Goods


Mol Marden is a middle aged human that literally speaks out of the side of his mouth. Always looking haggard, dirty, and damp, Mol works his way through the streets of Wartle as unassuming as one can be. When in conversation, his eyes rarely lock with anyone as he is has the facial mannerisms of a cautious rodent.


Mol Marden is quite the shady character. He can usually be found skulking around the Mud Market and the Smoking Kobold tavern. He tends to steer clear of spots that soldiers from the Magnimar garrison frequent, such as the Tipsey Tailor Inn and the Lean-To brothel.
Mol is a shrewd trader and tight with his coins, but is always up for haggling. For the right price, Mol can usually find what his customers are looking for, be it a craft from exotic lands or a substance of questionable legality.
Mol has no official place of business, tending to meet in an alley, the docks, or over a pint of ale (that he never pays for)
Fydon has done business with Mol Marden in the past, and although the two are far from friends, a certain trust has grown between them. Perhaps its the issue that both dabble in questionable activities that they’d rather keep quiet.

Mol Marden

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