Enril Greenfoot

Aasimar Druid of the Green Faith


Height is 6 ft.
Weight is 175 lbs.
An almost thin build with skinny arms and legs.
Half-elven-like features. Slightly pointed ears, but rounded out a bit. A hint of almond-shaped eyes, making him look like an exotic human.
Aasimar features are metallic golden hair, grown down to his shoulders. Emerald-green eyes that sparkle in the light.
Skin tone is gold-brass mix, exhibiting a lustrous color.
Exact age unknown due to being a slave all his early young life, but is early 20s compared to other half-elves.


Enril’s early life is a mystery and mired in hardship. He does not know how his young life came to be as a slave, but that is what he was when he was rescued. Enslaved to cruel masters beholden to Cheliax devils, and grouped with despondent slaves, all hated and derided Enril’s often positive disposition and angel-like features. Enril was enslaved to a travelling merchant caravan. One evening the caravan stopped for the night near the edge of Ashwood forest in Varisia. The slave masters drove their slaves to cut down trees, rip ripe vegetation from the soil, and butcher local game for their hide and meat. Enril, just a young skinny boy, was tasked to toil in assistance, when from the forest two large bears charged out and attacked. Most of the slaves tried to flee but were cut down by their cruel masters attempting to control them and spur them to fight the vicious bears. A few managed to mortally wound their masters only to be cut down by the bears, and leaving the slavers to die a slow death. A fellow slave that has always hated Enril, a half-orc by name of Azuk, during the bedlam attempted to plant an axe in his cherub face, but with deft reflexes dodged the attack and ran in the direction of the bears. Azuk didn’t risk giving chase and thought Enril suicidal. Azuk escaped.

The remainder of the caravan fled into the night. The young Enril, only one left alive, hid behind a bush as the two bears bore down on him. In a moment of distress, while wielding a large tree branch as his only weapon, magic emanated from him into the branch producing light bright as day. The immediate vicinity was alight revealing the ferocious bears in all their savage glory. Thick furs with minor wounds, teeth and claws awash with blood and chunks of torn flesh from slavers and slaves. Suddenly one of the bears transformed into a human covered in thick hide armor. The bear-human spoke first to the other larger bear in a language Enril has never heard. Then the bear-human spoke to him in common, to which Enril suddenly was only able to respond in some angelic language which he had no idea he could speak. The bear-human had a curious and astonished reaction to this. Beneath the dirt, grime, and tattered clothes of a slave urchin, the bear-human saw a boy, with half-elven-like features, a metallic golden-sheen hair glistening and emerald-colored eyes sparkling in the bright light. The bear-human continued in common, said his name was Tomec Greenfoot, and offered his hand.

Enril grew up in the care and guidance of Tomec, a druid of Ashwood forest. Tomec guided Enril in his magical affinity. Taught him the ways and abilities of a druid, proselytized to the Green Faith, all of which Enril keenly absorbed. Tomec also noticed Enril’s ease with animals and their favorable attraction to him. Tomec’s bear companion, Griz, took an immediate liking to Enril from day one. Years later, as Enril grew, he came upon a secluded pond with a shrine next to it in the northern part of Ashwood, near the town Turtleback Ferry. Large blue butterflies fluttered around the simple shrine dedicated to god Desna. Since then Enril’s curiosity of the world outside Ashwood and his wanderlust grew, often leading him to venture out for days on end, to Tomec’s chagrin. But Tomec could not – nor would he – hold Enril. On his final excursion, Enril encountered an injured tiger cub in the plains, all alone and hungry. Enril nursed it back to health and quickly realized the tiger became very attached to him as he did to it. Enril was gleeful that he had gained an animal companion and named him Diego.

Eventually Enril could no longer stay. He thanked Tomec for all his guidance and teachings, hugged Griz, and departed Ashwood forest with Diego to experience Golarian on their own.

Enril Greenfoot

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