Cyrus Steelheart


Aasimar Paladin, 6’5" 265Lbs. Cyrus can pass for a human or 1/2 elf. He has flawless copper skin, radiant platinum hair, and vibrant white golden jeweled eyes. When he detects evil and/or calls upon the power of smite evil, a golden halo automatically appears and disappears when not in use, which tells you there’s something different about him.


Mom: Davina Steelheart
Dad: Wyran Steelheart
Brother: Kane Steelheart
Twin Sister: Mystique Steelheart

Best friend:Marcus

Cyrus feels a duty to lead and protect, to fight for
justice, and to crush every evil. His passion causes him
to make very close friends, but at the same time bitter
enemies. While he respects the rights of others to choose
their path, he will not sit idle when he sees something
morally questionable. He’s still young and learning. He’s
not afraid to make mistakes, owning up to it and learning
from it. His natural charisma allows him to get the
attention of most people. He carries himself in a strong yet
gentle demeanor, which adds to his ability to stand out.

Cyrus was born into a noble family. A noble house
known as House Steelheart. His parents have secured
lands with rule and justice. They are Lords of Losthome,
located in the Eastern part of the Grungir Forest. A place
that is heavily guarded and nearly impenetrable. They
are the noble keepers of law and peace in a mostly wild
land. My house is respected, reputable, not just among
the houses we have alliances with, but the the common
people as well. Thanks to my birth and my house name,
people are inclined to think the best of me. People love
me for my kindness and generosity. I would be welcomed
in a high society. I would be able to secure an audience
with a noble if I needed to. There’s an insignia on my
signet ring that represents my house.

Cyrus has had more than his share of women, women of
different races. His parents have been pressuring him to
marry, but he’s politely declined all marriage proposals for
now. He hasn’t found the one. He’s always felt a pull to a
greater destiny. There’s more of this world to see. There’s
a lot of evil to be overthrown. He decided to take the road
of adventuring as the path to do the most good. I tend to
visit home when I can.

Cyrus Steelheart

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