Pathfinder: A New Hope

Part 4: Once more unto the breach...

The time had come to set off to the Leadbelly mines, and the party was prepared after two days spent in Wartle. Stocked well, Pattson and Ruppert ferried the heroes south through the swamp towards the location Ygritte Leadbelly marked on maps of the area.

Upon reaching the site, Valgoth and Fydon took to the task of scouting the entrance. Their caution was justified, and Fydon quickly did away with deadfall traps guarding the tunnel leading below. With some magic, Dorian was able to manipulate a counter-lever that disabled the traps for good, which put the party at ease.

They descended through the narrow, sloping tunnel and were immediately set upon by the most curiously foul creatures. Spriggan gnomes, that had been “infected” with an odd malady with caused them to grow vile, poisonous growths of plantlife from their very skin. The warriors rushed in, and even as the evil fey began to grow to giant sized beasts, they were cut down in timely fashion. The magical sword Valgoth had reforged proved its worth.


Venturing deeper still, a more curious cave revealed strange growths and amazingly large beetles normally found in the deep. It was here that the party knew the evil within these warrens was calculating and plotting their deaths. A illusion masked a trap to lure the party to accepting one of the blighted fey into their group, disguised as Turra Natal. The group saw through this and dealt with the beast easily.

The final cavern they entered was massive, and what seemed to be the lair of the fey. Neither side held back, and within moments, spells were hurled and blades lashed out. Fydon peppered the fey with arrows while Cyrus and Valgoth moved in to engage their enemies. The spriggans here were all but taken out of the fight under the combined magic of Dorian and Enril, and even the great cat Diego tore through his adversaries, taking out the rust monster they fey had released to defeat the parties mighty warriors.

The battle was all but won, when an eerie song began to echo throughout the cavern. Its haunting melody began to muddle the thoughts of the heroes, with Dorian, Fydon and even Cyrus falling under its magical lure. It was then the horrid visage of a satyr that was blighted by some evil corruption entered the fray. The monster quickly commanded those under its spell to turn on their allies, and so they did. The battle was out of control and about to turn against the party when Cyrus heard the plea of Enril to spare his companion Diego from his blade; and this cry gave Cyrus the strength of will to break the spell. Cyrus instead swung his sword at the satyr, gravely wounding it. And this opening allowed Valgoth too, to land a vicious blow that sent the fey into retreat.


The creature dove back into the filth from which it came shouting one last threat “we shall never return to our prison!” and was gone…

Turra was indeed here, held within a cocoon of fungal growths, as was his boar companion. The day was won, Turra was rescued. But what now….

Part 3: The Drake, the Witch, and the Mushrooms

Ever pressing forward, the party closed in on the location of the forest drake within the western reaches of the Mushfens. Believing they would surprise the draconic beast, the party prepared an ambush at its lair with magic and traps.
However the drake was no mere animal, and became well aware of the groups presence within its abode. Dorian called forth phantasms to lure the drake into the waiting trap, but instead the keen eyes of Enril saw that it was THEY who were being ambushed! Immediately, spells were hurled, and warriors rushed in to counter the drake’s attack on their flank.
The drake, as most dragon kin do, spat its vile spittle towards the onslaught of arrows and bolts being hurled its way, but was struck down within druidic spells ensnaring it to the ground. Under a steady barrage of magic and might, the beast fell to a final smite of holy power by the Paladin Cyrus.
Returning with the head of the drake to present to the woodsmen, the second task to resolve the matter of the Coachwood Pond was acquiring the magic tokens to restore the felled trees. Melianse the nixie wished the party to venture to the cottage of the witch Old Beldame. And venture there they did.
The witches home and appearance were appropriate to a sorcerous hag of a woman known to all as a witch. The old crone clearly had become less of a human and more of a creature of the First World over her years, and her magic seemed to as well. The oddities she displayed, such as her animate scarecrow, and odd trinkets were unsettling to most of the party.
After a rigorous haggle of requests and offers, the witch bade the party to retrieve rare components for her- yet another task! Alas, the group needed to comply if they were to help Melianse as promised, and the set off towards a landmark now known to them as the Mud Bowl, armed with the knowledge of the guardian here was a powerful monstrosity of the First World; a TENDRICULOS, a carnivorous plant with alien intelligence.
And it was here that things went wrong; horribly wrong….
Knowing full well the beast was within the mud pool, Fydon agreed to be the one to collect the valuable “Black Rattlecap” mushrooms, growing so dangerously close to the deadly mud pool. And so they approached, weapon and spells at the ready, with Dorian firing the first salvo of magic. The beast roared to life, towering to a size unthinkable by the brave warriors at the vanguard of the attack. The bravely strode towards the creature to allow Fydon precious time to reach his goal, but were all dropped low by the poisonous nature of the very valley in which the Mud Bowl festered.
Valgoth and Enril both succumbed to the vile air, but Cyrus fought through the pain to engage the beast- but the tendriculos was a ravenous predator and quickly lashed out with its powerful and horrific maw, snatching up the paladin and forcing the brave warrior down its gullet. The great cat Diego leaped to his aid, only to be likewise be overpowered by the massive creature.
With great apprehension, Dorian hurled magical fire from his enchanted necklace again, and again, damaging the beast enough to free the tiger. All looked doomed, as other spells were failing, and the melee was decidedly going against them, when Valgoth roared back into the battle still spitting bile from his beard as he rushed towards the tendriculos with reckless abandon. Again and again Valgoth swung his dwarven hammer until the deadly creature was felled like a perverse tree.
Without hesitation, Valgoth continued to eviscerate the monster and pulled brave Cyrus from its foul gut. They day was won, but the victory was paid for with blood. All the heroes were gravely wounded; in spirit if not in body. Cyrus and Valgoth cleaned themselves off as they debated the points of the battle, each learning hard lessons from the experience.

The battles had been fierce, and the journey arduous to say the least. The quest at hand to find the druid Tura Natal still stood, and Melianse was eager to help. Revealing the true power of the Coachwood Pond, she allowed the party to pass through the Fey Crossroads within, magically spiriting the heroes from the cool waters of the pond, to the spring within the town of Wartle.
The group was home for the first time in a tenday, and now had a clear understanding of what lay ahead of them. These “mines” the Leadbelly dwarves had discovered had been much more than mines, and whatever they allowed to enter the surface world from the Darklands, had its hand in the druids disappearance. They would prepare, gather their strength, and finally set out with tools and knowledge needed to return Tura Natal to the lands that needed their druid.

Part 2: Barrow of the Lonely Warrior

The party set out into the Mushfens, this time with a clear purpose; to find the “mines” Ygritte Leadbelly spoke of. Slowed by storm and the treacherous terrain of the fens, the party followed the lead of Enril through the wilderness.
While following a riverbank towards the locale of the mines, a curious encounter was happened upon. A group of lumberjacks from Wartle had crossed paths with a odd fey creature within a pristine pool. A standoff had occurred with the creature claiming domain over the land and its trees, while the men of Wartle claimed necessity for the valuable lumber.
Through a generous offering of coins and diplomatic compromise, the party had put a respite on the hostilities by assuming the roles of hunters and couriers.
Agreeing to seek of this “forest drake” from the woodsmen, and to acquire “tree tokens” from a local with by the name of “Old Beldame”. It was decided that the party would take the days long trek through the fens to the grove of the drake…

It was on this journey that within a night, the deadly nature of the Mushfens became apparent. Travelling through the bogs was not to be taken lightly, and the appearance of a sickly Bog Giant during the first evening was a vicious battle. Valgoth and Fydon were both injured, but the group was able to fell the monstrosity. Luckily, the beast carried signs of the Red Ache, making it less formidable than the beasts normally are.

Continuing undeterred, the group pushed forward through the swampland for another full day before finally reaching dry land. It was here that the entrance to the barrow was discovered. Not knowing what they had discovered, they group investigated thoroughly, and unearthed an entrance to a long buried barrow down, and curious metal artifacts believed to be part of a blade. Braving the ancient tomb, the party descended to explore the darkness below. However, for all their caution, a long standing magic still guarded the burial place from would be robbers. The magic leached the strength from Fydon, Valgoth and the great cat Diego; and only through restorative magic were they cured.
The true danger was yet to come, when disturbed the Cairn Wight rose to defend its resting place, along with its skeletal servitors. The undead swarmed while the restless warrior struck out with his broken blade. The creature fought without remorse, attempting to drain the very life from those that dared enter its crypt, but again the party had fought as one to emerge victorious.
And so, with a potent weapon in hand, and the lair of the drake drawing closer, the party was as determined as ever to succeed at their quest…

Part 1: Into the Mushfens

The party had set out from the river crossing to continue their search for the druid Turra Natal in the wild swamps of the Mushfens. Young Ruppert, the party guide, had become somewhat lost by this time. Perhaps the encounter with the carnivorous musk creeper had shaken him. Nevertheless, Enril was able to survey the land, and able to get the group back on track towards the landmark Ruppert had mentioned. The landmark in this case, was a impressively large willow tree within a dryer stretch of the Mushfens.

Upon reaching the area and spotting the tree, Fydon had moved ahead to scout the area for danger. It soon became apparent that they were not alone, as Fydon easily spotted two large creatures stalking the valley. Merrows, large orge-kin, were hunting. The party agreed that such vile creatures could not be left to roam free, especially since the whereabouts of Turra were still unknown.

The battle came about swiftly, with both merrows being set on by the full force of the party. Within seconds Valgoth and Fydon had engaged the beasts, with Enril and Dorian lending magic to the fray. 

Be it the sounds of battle, or the druid’s entangling magic, a new combatant entered the melee from behind the willow tree. A armor clad warrior wielding a greatsword burst forward to put down one of the merrows with a single stroke. The other, fell under arrows and the claws of the great cat Diego.

The newcomer introduced himself as a friend, the paladin Cyrus. The introductions ended with Cyrus explaining that his personal quest to find his place, while bringing justice to the wild lands would best be served by assisting the party in their rightesously motivated journey. And so they set out once again.

While resting, an obvious opening was spotted within the massive roots of the great tree. All signs pointed to there being activity here, leading down into the opening beneath the willow. Again, Fydon was sent to scout, and the party followed him below into these catacombs. It was not long after that the denizens of these root choked tunnels were viciously territorial. 

Mites, spitefully wicked fey with horridly deformed shapes filled these warrens with their vermin creatures. They were little more than a inconvenience until the evil fey surpised the group in a blindspot with their pet; a giant tick.

The vermin pounced and horribly wounded the paladin Cyrus, but without fear, the party pressed the attack and emerged victorious. Enril felt that the paladins wounds would need treatment, and so he took it upon himself to administer druidic healing to his new companion.


The journey into the tunnels ended across a small chasm into a chamber where the dwarven treasure hunters were found. Ygritte Leadbelly, the lone survivor, was rescued and tended for her wounds. She explained how her and her father were overwhelmed by evil fey and creatures from the Darklands while mining for treasure nearby. They had set out for gold, but instead opened a tunnel that ran deep to the Darklands. This tunnel unleashed foul creatures, blocked off from the world above, and this is why they had sought out the Druid Turra for aid.

And so, the party helped Ygritte bury her father within the Shrine of the Elk, and saw to the safe return of her, Pattson, and young Ruppert. Ruppert did seem keen on joining the party, but it was unclear how dangerous the path ahead was. The mines the Leadbelly family has discovered was close, and so must the answer to the mystery of where the druid of Wartle had gone.

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